Bible studies are the core of our Women's Ministry at Bethany. Studying God's Word lays the foundation for spiritual growth as we learn to walk daily with the Lord. We offer Bible studies throughout the year, with classes held at different times and days of the week. Each study includes plans for personal study throughout the week that will help you to dig deeply into God's Word. For more information email

Women's events & Studies

  • July summer study

    Text: The Blessing of Humility, by Jerry Bridges

    Dates & Times

    Mondays | July 6, 13, 20, and 27 | 6:30 PM | Room 205


    Thursdays | July 9, 16, 23, and 30 | 10:00 AM | Room 205

    We all admire humility when we see it. But how do we practice it? How does humility—the foundational virtue of the normal Christian life—become a normal part of our everyday lives?

    Jerry Bridges sees in the Beatitudes a series of blessings from Jesus, a pattern for humility in action. Starting with poverty in spirit—an acknowledgment that in and of ourselves we are incapable of living holy lives pleasing to God—and proceeding through our mourning over personal sin, our hunger and thirst for righteousness, our experience of persecutions large and small, and more, we discover that humility is itself a blessing: At every turn, God is present to us, giving grace to the humble and lifting us up to blessing.

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    Come and be encouraged that God loves to help his people grow in this most precious of virtues. 

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    Purchase a copy of the book from Amazon, Christian Book, Tyndale, Grace Books Online, Grace Books, Cokesbury and other online sellers. Questions? Please contact us at

  • Why study hebrews?

    Hebrews helps us understand the overall story of the Bible: the scope of redemptive history, how it all led to Christ, and how Christ fulfilled it all. As you study the book of Hebrews, you will see that the Old Testament was fulfilled by Jesus Christ in the New Testament and the superiority of Christ – his glory, his honor, and his divinity — above all things.

    Join us as we discover how Hebrews unlocks the glorious tapestry of God’s progressive revelation.

    The first semester of this study is finished and the second semester will begin in the fall. Below are the teaching session links if you wish to review. Questions? Please email

    Video Links

    Week 1 (January 13 & 16): Introduction

    Week 2 (January 20 & 23), Lesson 1: God's Final Word is Jesus

    Week 3 (January 27 & 30) Lesson 2: Christ is Superior to the Angels

    Week 4 (February 3 & 6) Lesson 3: Pay Attention!

    Week 5 (February 10 & 13) Lesson 4: The Ultimate Human Being:

    Week 6 (February 17 & 20) Lesson 5: Our Great High Priest

    Week 7 (February 24 & 27) Lesson 6: Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

    Week 8 (March 2 & 5) Lesson 7: A Warning Against Unbelief

    Week 9 (Mar 16 & 19) Lesson 8: Jesus Offers a Better "Rest" Than Joshua

    Week 10 (March 30 & April 2) Lesson 9: The Power of God's Word

    Week 11 (April 6 & 9) Lesson 10: Our Great High Priest

    Week 12 (April 13 & 16) Lesson 11: The Qualifications of the High Priest

    Week 13 (April 20 & 23) Lesson 12: Warnings Against Apostasy (Pt. 1)

    Week 14 (April 27 & 30) Lesson 13: Warnings Against Apostasy (Pt. 2)

    For those who want to purchase the supplemental resource, Exalting Jesus in Hebrews, by Al Mohler, it is available from Amazon and other online sellers.

  • Titus 2 discipleship group

    With Titus 2:3-5 as our guide, our desire is to equip women to pass on the legacy of biblical womanhood to the next generation.

    This is God’s good and beautiful plan. The biblical model of older women living out the gospel and training younger women to do the same, of younger women recognizing the value of older women in their lives—of women adorning the gospel together. Living our lives as Titus 2 women enables us to fulfill the purpose for which we were created. It helps our families and churches to flourish and the beauty of the gospel to shine forth in our world. This is Christian community as God designed it. 

    Join our multigenerational study we look to God’s Word for His perspective on the character, commitments, and attitudes of godly women—and His prescribed process for helping us live out these virtues not only today, but from generation to generation.

    Using Nancy D. Wolgemuth’s book, Adorned, the Women's Titus 2 Discipleship Groups will meet via video conferencing on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:45 pm. Please contact Pam Hines for details regarding this ministry.

  • Book Club

    Our Bethany Woman's Book Club meets quarterly to discuss an autobiography, biography, or classic work by a great man or women of faith. The books we have already enjoyed together are:

    A Chance to Die, by Elizabeth Elliott

    Missionary to the New Hebrides, by John Paton

    Her Heart Can See: The Life and Hymns of Franny Crosby, by Edith Blumhofer

    Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss

    Devil at My Heels, by Louis Zamperini

    Faithful Women & Their Extraordinary GOD, by Noel Piper

    Susannah Spurgeon: Free Grace and Dying Love, by C. Ray and S.Spurgeon

    John Newton, by John Crotts

    Joni, An Unforgettable Storyby Joni Eareckson Tada

    In Trouble and In Joy, by Sharon James

    The New Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan

    Ann Judson: A Missionary Life for Burma, by Sharon James.

    You Can Trust God to Write Your Story: Embracing the Mysteries of Providence, by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Robert D Wolgemuth

    The next book selection is Jonathan Edwards, A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought, by Stephen J. Nichols.

    Jonathan Edwards, a leader in the Great Awakening during the eighteenth century, still has much to teach the church. Stephen Nichols’ book is more than a biography, it is a gateway into the thoughts, writings and theology of this great man of God. In the book’s introduction Nicholas says, “My hope is that this book will help you to see the relevance and importance of Edward’s thought and that through these pages Edwards will help you, as he has helped so many others, to better understand God, his Word, his work in this world, and your place in it.” 

    Purchase your copy from Ligonier, P & R Publishing, Reformation Heritage Books, Amazon, or other online sellers.

    Next Book Club Meeting:

    When: June 6, 2020

    Time: 10:30 AM

    Location: Room 205, Bethany Bible Church

    Contact:, (805) 495-7029

  • Women's prayer for the church

    All women of Bethany are invited to join us to pray for the ministries of our church. In June, Lord willing, we'll resume our Tuesday, 10:00 am prayer meetings at Bethany Bible Church, room 205.

    Questions? Contact the office: (805) 495-7029