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All our Equipping Hour ministries are designed to help you grow in your walk with Christ as you deepen both your knowledge and love for God. These ministries are offered on Sunday mornings.

Sunday Equipping Hour ministries

8:30 am & 9:00 am.


    Grasping God's Word is for those interested in leading or facilitating Bible studies at Bethany Bible Church. This class meets at 8:30 am and is also for those who would like to sharpen their reading, interpreting and application of God's Word. Sign ups are currently underway. The next session begins April 11.

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    Text: Grasping God's Word, Third Edition, by J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays, Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Mark L. Strauss

    Grasping God's Word is an indispensable guide to reading, interpreting, and applying the Bible. It teaches college-level students and lay learners how to read the Word of God carefully and in context on their quest to gain a firm grasp on the rock of God’s word. 

    Old Testament scholar J. Daniel Hays and New Testament expert J. Scott Duvall provide practical, hands-on exercises to guide students through the interpretive process. To emphasize the Bible’s redemptive arc and encourage correlation across the biblical canon, the authors have included a call to "Consult the biblical map. How does a theological principle fit with the rest of the Bible?" as an additional step in the Interpretive Journey. 

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  • fundamentals of the faith

    The Fundamentals of the Faith (FOF) class covers thirteen lessons blending basic biblical truths with personal obedience and service. Topics range from the character of God to church participation, so it's an ideal study for new believers or a helpful review and fresh encouragement for even the most seasoned saints. The next FOF session begins soon and is led by Patrick LaCanfora. Visitors are welcome and we encourage you to sign up for the next session!

    Sundays | 9:00 AM

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  • family hour - parents & children

    The Family Hour Ministry intentionally seeks to work together with families to help them grow spiritually, help parents disciple their children, and equip the next generation of Christ-followers. We start with family worship and memory verse review followed by a review of the previous week’s sermon. Then, we preview the upcoming sermon so the children are trained, engaged, active listeners during Sunday Service. We close in prayer together as a family. We welcome parents and their children to join us! 

    Come for a time of fellowship, singing, and learning! 

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  • middle & high school students

    Middle and High School students, join us on Sundays during Equipping Hour for our study.

    Sundays | 9:00 AM

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  • be a genuine christ follower

    Biblical Discipleship

    What It Means to be a Genuine Follower of Christ

    and How to Lead Others to Him

    What does it mean to understand and believe the Gospel and live as a genuine disciple of Christ? Each session is a series of 8-10 classes.  This will be an amazing journey together, building on the foundations learned in Fundamentals of the Faith—mapping your way as a follower and servant of Jesus Christ! 

    Session 1—Christianity Explored Session

    2—Discipleship Explored

    Session 3—Life Explored

    9:00 am | Led by Jim Hines

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  • Elements of counseling & Discipleship

    This course resumes September 12

    God wants us to face all of life from His perspective and in turn, to be able to effectively help others in their spiritual walk. This study is designed for:

    Personal Growth     Tackling Specific Life Issues

    Discipling Others     Developing Biblical Counseling Skills

    Sundays | 9:00 AM

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    The materials are $10 (folder, printing cost) and optional books are available for purchase online.

    Please contact Pastor Chris Bruynzeel at chris@bethanyto.org as to whether or not you will attend. It help us know the number of notes to print.