F L O c k s


Throughout Scripture, the Lord used fellowship groups to provide friendship, to care for needs, and to help people grow spiritually. Jesus selected twelve disciples to travel with Him and learn from Him. The early church met in both temple courts and in homes (Acts 2:46). The meetings in homes would have been smaller groups than the 300 who were a part of the church at the time. Fellowship groups still play a vital role in the health and growth of the church. A schedule of groups along with leader and contact information is listed below. If you have any questions, please email us at info@bethanyto.org.


    TUESDAY @ 6:30 PM

    Leaders: Jason Spadaro and Adam Silva

    Contact Jason: jason_spadaro@aol.com

    TUESDAY @ 7:00 PM

    Leader: Joel Tiefel

    Contact Joel: joel.tiefel@gmail.com


    TUESDAY @ 6:30 PM

    Leader: Pastor Chris Bruynzeel

    Contact Pastor Chris: Chris@bethanyto.org

    FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM

    Leaders: Keith Mathias and Robert Kwong

    Contact Keith: kamathias412@gmail.com