Fellowship groups

Throughout Scripture, the Lord used fellowship groups to provide friendship, to care for needs, and to help people grow spiritually. Jesus selected twelve disciples to travel with Him and learn from Him. The early church met in both temple courts and in homes (Acts 2:46). The meetings in homes would have been smaller groups than the 300 who were a part of the church at the time. Fellowship groups still play a vital role in the health and growth of the church. A schedule of groups along with leader and contact information is listed below. If you have any questions, please email us at info@bethanyto.org.

  • CORNERSTONE fellowship

    All Newly married - 40's, families & Couples

    Cornerstone Fellowship helps prepare young marrieds and families to live godly lives. The desire of this fellowship is to magnify the worth of Christ through the faithful preaching and teaching of his Word, and to encourage and edify His people through loving fellowship with one another. Cornerstone has several small group Bible studies in Thousand Oaks providing life-on-life discipleship relationships, as our members seek to apply biblical principles in the context of everyday life. For men, Cornerstone offers a twice monthly small group study and men's discipleship. Women's gatherings are once a month.

    Dinner & Devotions is a once a month gathering on a Friday evening at 6:00 PM. Please check the church calendar for the next scheduled Cornerstone Fellowship event.

    Contact: Jim Hines, (805) 320-1780 or cornerstone@bethanyto.org

  • FAITHBUILDERS fellowship

    Sundays | 9:00 AM | Room 204

    FAITHBUILDERS are married and single adults who meet together for fellowship and edification in order to be equipped to share the Gospel with others throughout the week. The fellowship is led by Jason Spadaro and Joel Tiefel.

    Faithbuilders invites you to join their newest study from the MacArthur Bible Study series: 2 Corinthians: Words from a Caring Shepherd 

    After spending eighteen months in Corinth helping to establish a church, the apostle Paul moved on in his mission to build more churches in Asia Minor. But back in Corinth, false teachers began to infiltrate the church, and they were intent on ruining Paul’s character and ministry. This threatened to separate and create chaos among this once-unified body.

    Paul wrote this intensely personal and biographical letter to defend his ministry and integrity against the slanderous attacks. Like a seasoned attorney, he deals firmly with the false teachers and their followers by focusing primarily on Christ, while embracing his own weaknesses and imperfections. As a powerful reminder for struggling and maligned believers everywhere, Paul quotes the Savior: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness."

    Join us on Sundays for this in-depth study!